Are you ready to take the reins of a thriving travel agency that’s already primed for success? We’re excited to present an incredible opportunity to acquire a well-established online business travel agency, complete with a polished website and strong social media presence.

What i am looking for a co-founder (partner) with 30% to 45% shares (UAD 18,000 to UAD 27,000) Or to buy all for UAD 60,000 (slightly negotiable)

-We have a trade license with 1 visa ( will be expired end of Decem

ber 2023)

– Registered for an office in Dubai Marina so we can have PO box and emails.

-Bank account with Mashreq bank (new so you can change if you want and have your own)

Key Features:

1-Professional Website: Our sleek and user-friendly website is the cornerstone of our business. It’s equipped with a comprehensive destination guide, and a blog offering expert travel tips. Your customers will love the convenience and functionality. (But need an update)

2-Engaged Social Media: With an active Instagram (4,700 real followers), WhatsApp, and Facebook (1,500) presence, we’ve built a loyal following of travel enthusiasts. Our social media accounts are brimming with captivating travel stories, destination highlights, and customer testimonials, offering a perfect platform for engaging with your audience.

3-We have forged strong suppliers with airlines, hotels, and other travel industry players. These connections ensure access to competitive rates and exclusive deals, offering a competitive edge in the market.

Why Invest in This Opportunity?

Growth Potential: The travel industry is poised for growth as restrictions ease and people regain confidence in exploring the world. With this agency, you’ll be well-positioned to ride this wave.

Flexibility: As an online agency, you can operate from anywhere in the world, making it an ideal business for those seeking a flexible and remote work lifestyle.

Passion-Driven Business: If you have a passion for travel, this is your chance to turn your love for exploring the world into a lucrative venture.

Proven Brand: Our agency has built a strong brand with a reputation for reliability and exceptional customer service.