Bridal Mehndi Designs That are Fresh & Unique! Here there everywhere. In modern times, mehndi designs or henna tattoos have become the new stylish trend in every bridal wear, especially in Dubai. Often people tend to search for the best bridal mehndi artist near me or the best henna tattoos in Dubai. Henna by Nishi is a group of professionally trained henna artists or Mehndi artists in Dubai that carve out the best bridal mehndi for weddings in Dubai.

Weddings in Dubai are occasion, lavishly spent & the expectations are always high. On this auspicious occasion, the bride has to groom up the best. Bridal wear is almost incomplete without a designer bridal mehndi design. The designer mehndi on the hands, fists, elbows, legs, & feet of the bride gives her a unique look and also goes well on the camera.

The practice of mehndi originates from the Indian culture & in modern trends, these mehndi designs are popularly known as henna tattoos & are accepted by different cultures around the world. Applying a fresh & unique mehndi design for your bridal wear is something that is cherished & adored by everyone.

Origination Of Mehndi Designs

Further, as we move, we suggest some fresh & unique mehndi designs for bridal wear we take you through some details of how & where these modern henna tattoos or designer mehndi designs originate from.

Mehndi is an Indian word & safe to say that the mehndi designs originate from the ancient Indian culture where travelers & workers applied mehndi on the skin to protect themselves from sunburns as mehndi is a natural sunscreen. As kingdoms grew, powerful kings & queens of India started mehndi designs to showcase their power & wealth. Later on, this practice got followed by statesmen & Noble men of the high Indian class, who wore mehndi designs to showcase their high status & wealth. Finally, in modern times these mehndi designs have become popular around the world & known as henna tattoos. Many people today search for bridal mehndi artists near me, as they are always on the hunt for bridal mehndi designers. So now you know more details & the history of mehndi designs, so let’s focus our attention on some popular bridal mehndi designs that are fresh & unique.

Fresh & Unique Mehndi Designs

Mehndi designs are becoming very popular, especially among bridal wear, as every bride today loves to decorate themselves with designer bridal mehndi to look unique & attractive. Henna by Nishi is the leading mehndi designer artist in Dubai that provide top-notch bridal mehndi designs for wedding brides.

Unique Floral Mehndi Design

Mehndi designs come in different types floral mehndi design is a unique mehndi design that consists of floral designs, peacock designs & floral lines that give it a unique look. Floral mehndi designs look so attractive on feet & hands as these designs are big, full of curves & very noticeable when drawn on wider body parts. Many brides prefer floral mehndi designs, especially on their feet as when worn high heel sandals it goes well with the floral designer mehndi.

  1. Geometric Lines & Flowy Leaves

Geometric lines combined with symmetric likes give the mehndi design an attractive look, on top of it when flowy leaves, peacock designs & camel designs are added to the mehndi design it looks very unique.

The Geometric lines & flowy leaves look very attractive on every woman, especially when dark black henna is applied to the bride. The dark geometric lines look very contrasting on the fair Arab skin & white bridal gown. Applying flowy leaves mehndi design again can be a good option & when combined with geometric lines it gives you a stunning look.

  1. Lotus Mehndi Designs

Lotus designs are mostly craved on the palms, fists, feet & legs. These designs are heavy & look very defining when applied for bridal wear.

Apart from other mehndi designs, these locust designs are delicately carved. You need a very professional mehndi artist to crave the locust mehndi design as it involves delicate curves & complex structured designs.

  1. Flower Mehndi Designs

Flower designs, are the most common & widely accept mehndi designs around the world. The best thing is, you have a wide range of designs to choose from when it comes to flower mehndi. Various flowers such as roses, tulips, lotus, & sunflowers can be craved on a flower mehndi design you can apply the designs everywhere hands, fists, palms, feet, legs even on your back as flower mehndi designs are very versatile.

  1. Leaf Mehndi Designs

Leaves are an important part of Arab culture, coconut trees & palm tree mehndi designs are very popular bridal mehndi types. The leaf designs look very attractive, especially when craved on hands & legs, dark-toned leaf mehndi designs go well on Arab skin & look pleasing to the eyes. These designs are simple & can be applied by any mehndi artist easily.

Best Mehndi artist in Dubai

If you are searching for the best mehndi artist near me or the leading henna UAE, then Henna by Nishi is the best team of Professional Mehndi Artists in Dubai. Nishi Mehta is a professionally certified & henna artist full of experience when it comes to designing mehndi for bridal wear. Nishi Mehta has a decade full of experience in designing mehndi & with her team of Henna By Nishi. She is the leading mehndi artist in Dubai & across the UAE. Henna By Nishi provides you with customized wedding plans for bridal mehndi, with top mehndi designs for the bride, family & other colleagues present at the wedding. Feel free to connect to Henna By Nishi today for the best henna designs in the UAE.

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