Product DetailsProduct Name: Ethyl 3-oxo-4-phenylbutanoateCAS: 5413-05-8Density: 1.1±0.1 g/cm3Molecular Formula: C12H14O3Molecular Weight: 206.238Boiling Point: 290.3±15.0 °C at 760 mmHgFlash Point: 123.9±20.4 °CAbout UsHEBEI YINGONG NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is a professional Manufacturer of API&Pharmaceutical intermediates in China. We have a registered capital of 1 million yuan and is one of the most dynamic foreign trade companies in the Chinese market. We have a pharmaceutical raw material production plant and a reagent R&D center. We now have the most complete product line. In addition, we have developed and produced tens of thousands of reagents. We also have the business of custom synthesis of various organic compounds as a supplement. We can synthesize almost all chemicals. Our goal is to survive by quality and develop by credit.In the past two years, our products have spread over more than 30 countries in the world, Europe, South America, North America, Southeast Asia and Africa. We work with friends all over the world to develop the best quality products, the most reasonable prices and safe and effective transportation. Product can be ordered from milligrams to tons. Meet the purchase of new and old customers. We will not let you down.Hot Sell Product148553-50-8 Pregabalin62-44-2 phenacetin103-90-2 4-Acetamidophenol23076-35-9 Xylazine hydrochloride102-97-6 Benzylisopropylamine99-92-3 4-Aminoacetophenone100-07-2 p-Anisoyl chloride5337-93-9 4-Methylpropiophenone103-63-9 (2-Bromoethyl)benzene79-03-8 Propionyl chloride7361-61-7 Xylazine91393-49-6 2-(2-chlorophenly)cyclohexanone5413-05-8 Ethyl 3-oxo-4-phenylbutanoate20320-59-6 Diethyl(phenylacetyl)malonate119276-01-6 Protonitazene (hydrochloride)1451-82-7 2-Bromo-4′-Methylpropiophenone79099-07-3 1-Boc-4-Piperidone288573-56-8 tert-butyl4-(4-fluoroanilino)piperidine- 1-carboxylate23076-35-9 Xylazine HCl137-58-6 Lidocaine94-09-7 Benzocaine14680-51-4 Metonitazene2647-50-9 FlubromazepamOur AdvandageHigh quality with competitive price.Quick shipping,delivery on time.Alibaba Trade Assurances.Support multiple trading methodsand payment.We support wire transfer, western union, Paypal or escrow (Alibaba) payment.One to one business communicationOEM/ODM Avaliable.We offer convenient one-station purchasing service.Our professionaland thoughtful after-sales service eliminates your worries.We has manyyears’ exporting experience in active pharmaceutical ingredient products.,Strictly on selecting raw materials.Contact InformationSkype: +86-19933070948Wechat: +86-19933070948Telegram: +86-19933070948Whatsapp: +86-19933070948E-mail: claire@hbyingong.comWeb: www.hbyingong.comHebei Yingong New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.THE MIXC,Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China