Ferrari Portofino 2021 For Rent. Rent Ferrari Portofino in Dubai to experience luxury at its finest! With the newest upgrades, Ferrari’s newest open-top alternative now offers a wider range of capabilities than ever before. From an enthusiast’s standpoint, it is a very impressive vehicle, although it may be a little tight for a GT car as compared to other competitors.

Following the brand’s experience with the Roma – a vehicle which, on the inside, is virtually identical to the Portofino – many upgrades have been made to this model. However, its key features have not been altered. The retractable hard top is similar to before, providing the basic protection and refinement of a coupe when raised, and can be folded away in just 14 seconds to transform the vehicle into an open-top.

The Portofino is the perfect depiction of all that Ferrari has to offer: power, performance and visual appeal. Powered by a twin-turbo V-8 that delivers 612 horsepower, it has the potential to reach 60 mph in just three seconds.