Industrial Coolers. Industrial air cooler evaporative cooling units are the perfect solution for eliminating heat anywhere that traditional air conditioning is impractical for cost prohibitive. Portable powerful and practical political units are mounted on castors for easy positioning anywhere cooling is needed. These Industrial Air coolers deliver large volumes of cool air for about a 10 dirhams a day using tap water and 220 volts of electricity, and a durable leak-proof one-piece roto-molded polyethylene housings. That’s it easily through standard doorways combine with minimal maintenance requirements to make portico units. The perfect solution for cooling people, animals, and equipment border. These outdoor cooling units are great in a variety of applications portable units are not only the best Evaporative cooling solution. But Air coolers also environmentally friendly no chemicals or compressors are used and no harmful emissions are released into the environment in addition border cooled. this air cooler units are manufactured for industrial applications. call us today and stay cool with border cooled.