Mercedes S500 for Rent in Dubai. As the pinnacle of luxury and style, the S Class is an automobile that exemplifies the high standards that Mercedes has striven so hard to reach. It is really a masterpiece of motion, a car that exudes greatness whether travelling down an open rural highway or awaiting its owner in a city car park. This automatic 4 door saloon comes with exquisite leather interiors, privacy glass on all windscreens and an imposing exterior design boasting a long wheel base. Luxury additions such as climate control, satellite navigation and CD player are also included in the vehicle’s interiors.

Climate Control – Satellite Navigation – Leather Interior – Long Wheel Base – Privacy glass

What Makes it a great choice?

A Mercedes Benz S Class rental is great choice for a number of reason, one of them being the cars powertrain. For such a large and limousine-like vehicle you may expect the S Class to perform as such… But that’s not the case as the Mercedes Benz S Class comes most commonly equipped with a twin-turbo V8 producing a monstrous 445 horsepower. Another great feature of the S Class is it’s luggage capacity, capable of storing luggage for around 4 – 5 adults, while no infringing on space allotted to the massively spacious passenger cabin. If you’re planning a vacation and want to guarantee the smoothest, most comfortable ride, the Mercedes Benz S Class should be your first choice, and with Miami Car Rental you’re guaranteed the best rates industry wide, so even a car rental as luxurious as an S Class doesn’t have to break the bank.