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1) Delivery to Netherlands(Holland), Spain, Germany, Poland, Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan, 100% Arrive at your front door!2) 1KG Sample is Available, 1000KG Bulk Quantity on Stock, ready to ship out within 1-2 days!3) Popular High Oil Yield, High purity, make sure the very BEST quality in Europe Market!4) Various Shipping Method, By Train, By Air, the Fastest 6-9 Days5) 100% No need to Clear Customs, we will handle it discreetly!

Shipping Regulations:

(1) AIR-DDP (10-15)DHL will deliver it after the customs clearance company approves it. It is not a high risk country, it is an economical method and it is widely used.(2) AIR – special line (12-16)Our partner company handles customs procedures and will deliver by truck to your door.(3) Transportation by trains35-45 days

Economical way to ship large quantity, suitable for order more than 1 ton.

Note:1. For individual buyers, including customs clearance service, Netherlands buyers as an example.2. Please contact our sales for details, we will give you the most economical and suitable way.Contact us, our sales will help you and help you avoid risk.

Warehouse DeliveryWe bulid several warehouses and clearance companies for many countries.(1) BDO we have warehouse in Sydney Australia, 1-3 days arrive.(2) Vancouver Canada warehouse, local delivery by truck and can be picked up by yourself.(3) Germany/Poland/Netherlans warehouse, our company has our own chemicals wholesale business, our own clearance company, no risk. Such as PMK wholesale etc.

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