Ostrich,Macaw,African Grey,Cockatoo,Amazon,Eclectus parrot chicks and fertile eggs for sale

We are trained and experienced breeders of home raised and hand fed parrots of varied species and Fertile eggs. We sell mostly fully weaned parrot babies, adults and fertile parrot eggs as well as incubators. We have got unrelated parrot pairs that also act as breeders. We have been licensed with a CITES PERMITdocument enabling us to breed all bird species and to ship and deliver parrots and eggs to any part of the world without any problem. We operate one of the largest aviaries.Below is the list we have for you.

Macaw:African Grey:Cockatoo:Amazon:Double Yellow Head AmazonsYellow Naped AmazonsBlue Front AmazonLilac Crowned AmazonGreen Cheek AmazonToucan eggs:-Falcons eggs-Parakeets eggs-Finches eggs-Emu-Lovebird eggs.-Canaries eggs-Conures eggs-Eclectus Parrot eggs.-Senegal Parrot eggs:-Cockatiels eggs-Hawk Headed Parrots,-Cockatiel eggs,-Conures eggs.-And many more These parrots are hand fed, very sociable and have high talking capacities.Each bird comes along with a cage and health certificate with guarantee.( info.grunewaldirk@gmail.com)