The Servals were born in our legal breeding. We encourage you to visit our page – Exotic Pet Breeding and About Us: We are a legal breeder with a long breeding tradition. Our adult cats come from the best selected European catteries, which guarantees the best quality of young kittens free from genetic defects. We raise kittens on a bottle, which ensures full socialization and a gentle disposition. The character of the serval is shaped from the first days of life. After purchase, the serval must be registered at the town hall within 14 days of purchase. For registration, we issue full documentation of the origin of the animal when purchasing a serval. To have a serval at home, you do not need a permit to keep this species. Please call me before purchasing. Only serious interested people should contact me! More photos and videos on whatsapp +447476837635: Exotic cat breeding, African servals. keywords: hedgehog, tenrek, little tenrek, rare exotic animal, cat, exotic cat, unique cat breed, unusual cat, serval, serval, exotic animal, fennec fox, lemur, ring-tailed lemur, ring-tailed lemur, bengal, bengal cat , exotic cat, unique breed of cat, unusual cat, serval, serval, exotic animal, lynx, bobcat, ocelot, asian leopard cat, fox, fennec fox