Why Henna by Nishi is the No 1 Henna tattoo designer in Dubai UAE. Dubai is a city of possibilities, with the best in everything. Even when it comes to henna tattoos in Dubai there are many henna artists that carve out the best-in-class henna designs that look pleasing to the eyes, attractive & suitable for weddings and engagements.

In recent times the fashion in Dubai has been strongly influenced by the Indian & western dressing cultures. While many women in Dubai love wearing western outfits, there is still a huge population that is deeply in love with the Indian dressing culture wearing salwar kameez, Kurtis, & sarees, when earrings and bangles go well with these Indian traditional outfits, the best suit or companion to look more attractive in the Indian culture outfits can be a designer henna tattoo also known as mehndi in Indian language.

A designer henna tattoo or mehndi design just makes you look more attractive, especially on moon-white Arab skin the dark shades of the designer henna tattoo look very pleasing to the eyes.