Why is Henna Important in Wedding & Engagement? Your engagement or wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. It’s the one & only special day that adds meaning to your life as you get knotted with the love of your life forever. For this special occasion, it is important for you, your family, friends, spouse & other colleagues to look & groom special for this occasion. Especially when it comes to engagements, parties & weddings women in Dubai love to groom up well & look attractive, what’s the best way to look attractive than wearing a henna tattoo on your fair moon-colored skin? Henna tattoos are recently becoming popular, especially among women as these henna tattoos are carved with perfection & unique designs, they add to the beauty of every Arabic woman & make her look more attractive. Henna by Nishi is a team of professional henna designers that design the best henna tattoo in Dubai for occasions such as parties, birthdays, engagements, and weddings.

The fashion of henna in UAE is very different when compared to the fashion of henna in India, Pakistan, and other south Asian countries. As Arabic henna designs are influenced by the Arabic culture the designs patterns of henna in UAE are very different.

What is Henna or Mehendi?

Some of the new readers might still be confused about the difference between henna & mehndi, but the truth is henna is just another word for mehndi in India & south Asian countries the word mehndi is more commonly used & the word henna or henna tattoos are words commonly used in Arabic, and western countries. The origin of these henna tattoos can be traced back to the ancient Indian culture, as these designer tattoos were worn in order to protect the skin from heat, as henna is a cooling agent & helps protect from sunburn & skin tan. These tattoos also resembled the status in ancient times, men & women of the higher class wore these henna tattoos to project their power & dominance.

Importance Of Henna in Engagements & Weddings

Henna designs are the best way for a bride & her colleague to look more attractive & beautiful. Beautiful Dubai Arabic mehndi designs & Indian culture mehndi designs add to the looks & appearance of a bride. Today designer henna tattoos are becoming a popular trend among weddings in Dubai, often carving a designer henna tattoo in Dubai can be expensive, but if you book a team of henna designers it can be more budget-friendly, top henna artists in Dubai provide you with customized designer henna packages. Henna by Nishi is the best team of henna artists in Dubai that provide a wide range of designer henna tattoos & bridal henna designs for special occasions such as engagements & weddings. Below mentioned are some of the genuine reasons why henna is important for engagements & weddings.

Look More Special

Your engagement & wedding day is the most important day of your life. It is the one special day when you commit yourself to your spouse. It’s a must for every woman to look very beautiful, and attractive for this special day. Application of a beautiful henna tattoo or Arabic henna design can be the best way to look special on this day. So if you want to look more special & attractive on this special day then what can be better than applying a henna design to your arms, hands, , and fists.

More Photogenic

When designer henna & henna tattoos are applied to the beautiful white Arab skin it looks very beautiful & attractive. As the bride, it is your main purpose to look very attractive on this special day. Application of designer henna can help you look more photogenic & adorable as black henna contrasts well with the white Arabic skin. This dynamic indeed reflects so well that it makes you look more photogenic on your wedding day.

Wedding Traditions

Some families have a culture & tradition that is long followed by their ancestors or family clan, the application of henna is a must practice. To continue this tradition it is a must to apply henna for engagements & weddings. This practice is mostly followed by Traditional Indian families, & families which have strong Indian roots always keep henna application culture at the top of the list of their wedding priorities.

Memory of Lifetime

Your engagement day & wedding day is something that is only once in a lifetime. This day will never come back again. It is so important to have these memories stored, & liked to your thinking, the application of henna on arms & hands can be a memory of a lifetime. The pictures you view of these henna designs even after years add to your memories.

Bridal Wear

Just like wearing jewelry & a wedding gown is important for a bride on her wedding day so is wearing a tattoo important for an Indian or Arabic bride? This is definitely our tradition but it is also a special occasion for the bride.  A bridal henna tattoo along with a wedding gown & jewelry can help the bride look more complete. So, wearing a henna bridal design is the best way for a bride to look more beautiful, attractive & special.

Best Henna Tattoo Designer in Dubai

Henna by Nishi is the best team of henna designers that design the best henna tattoo in Dubai for engagements & weddings. Nishi Metha is an experienced & certified henna artist in Dubai & has a professional team of henna artists that crave some of the best Dubai Arabic mehndi designs, henna tattoos & Indian culture mehndi designs for occasions such as parties, engagements & weddings. Feel free to connect to the best henna artist in Dubai, Henna by Nishi today for the best bridal henna.