Are you prepared for a dynamic career in safety management? Dynamic Institution of Skill Development introduces a rigorous دورة ضابط السلامة في باتنة designed to shape proactive safety professionals.

This program offers comprehensive insights into safety regulations, risk assessment, emergency response, and practical drills. With cutting-edge facilities and experienced instructors, this course empowers you to safeguard lives and assets effectively. Ready to become a safety champion? Inquire today!

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الطابق الأرضي، متجر رقم 5، سوق ماجد، بجانب ماكينة الصراف الآلي SBI الطريق الرئيسي ماهيندرو (مقابل شاهجانج) باتنا- 800006، بيهار

رقم الهاتف: +91 7481978997

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