Invest in a monthly revenue-generating business in Dubai 25-year-old business running on an automated way with minimal human intervention, is currently engaged in contracted projects with a monthly revenue of 45000 AED. The business can be developed into variety of related maintenance and service industries which can result in an unending net profit. We are happy to assist investors in quickly launching and operating this business service via mobile application for the general public.


  • 15 active employees with valid visa till 2022.
  • 25-year-old Active Trade Licence.
  • Fully accounted and up to date VAT filling.
  • Continuous support from a trusted business consultancy.
  • 25-year-old credible Bank account with online facilities.
  • Can monitor the company’s operations and accounting in an automated way through mobile app.
  • We plan to launch a maintenance-related service mobile app from this 25-year-old company

Finance report and bank statements can be provided for assessment and evaluation for potential clients. New investor can withdraw annual net profit from the first month itself. Operational assistance also can be provided for few months.

For more information to buy this company, please contact – 0502227472