The Linen Company
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    United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, Muroor Road
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    February 6, 2023
About Us
Ethos that runs throughout generations  It was three generations ago, in 1990, when my grandfather laid down the foundations of a textile business in Pakistan. My childhood memories are filled with hearing conversations about yarns and fabrics and very soon I learnt that my forefather’s business ethos was a promise of quality that they honored and it led them to become one of the leading textile manufacturers in Pakistan.  Surounded by such inspirational development, I cultivated a deep curiosity for exploring fabric in different forms. Over time it became more than a piece of cloth for me – it was a family legacy that I wanted to innovate and take forward. Over the years we kept hearing stories again and again that people from Pakistan, were  buying our products from retailers across the world, and bringing them back to their homes in Pakistan for personal use. This came as a complete surprise! It actualy got me thinking, why were we not catering to consumers locally when they were already buying our products elsewhere?  So, in 2016, The Linen Company was born as a reflection of the values I grew up with. The spirit of our generation reflects in every product we design.Every day at work we strive to go beyond just meeting the needs of our consumers. We ensure they experience comfort and ease like never before.
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