Top Air Conditioning Service in Dubai UAE By Rapido Garage Automotive Service. Driving a car without an Air Conditioning system in Dubai or in the UAE is something we can never imagine. Car AC maintenance is a very important thing for a car owner. Are you searching for trusted and professional car AC repair service center near you. Rapido Garage offer a wide range of car AC servicing and repair services in Dubai. We have the most advanced car Air Conditioning diagnostic tools and equipment to fix your car AC problems in Dubai. We use high quality Freon gas specific to the GCC region and follow best practices and standards set by car manufacturers in servicing, repairing your car air-conditioning system.

What is included in the Rapido Garage:

  • Diagnostics of the air conditioning system
  • Antibacterial cleaning of air conditioners
  • Refilling of car air conditioners with R1234yf
  • Auto air conditioner radiator repairing
  • Auto air conditioning compressor repair