Under Vehicle Inspection MirrorUnder car search mirror is made of non-friable acrylic instead of ordinary glass. The mirror tray is made of the special materials, which are not easy to aging and broken, and very durable. Products are equipped with adjustable hand-held rod. The unique folding design brings about space-saving and portability.For places where require high level of security,such as checkpoints in government building and custom, under vehicle inspection mirror is an ideal device for checking undercarriage of vehicle.This device helps operator to accurately identify forbidden objects which attached to the underside of vehicles. It greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of security check.Inspection mirror is simply a mirror attached to a pole to give extra extension to the user. The mirror reflects the image of the object to the user around obstacles that might have been in the user’s way.Inspection vehicle mirrors can inspect both under and over a vehicle, depending on your needs.Quick inspection of the bottom of vehicles (cars, tricycles and trucks). Also suitable for checking the top of the vehicle.Inspection mirrors can be used at airports, ports, customs, factories etcFor security personnel, they may be usable as inspection devices.Under vehicle inspection mirrors are also used by the police, army and border control to check under vehicles for anything suspicious.https://www.securitysystem.ae/product/under-vehicle-inspection-mirror/00971506099456